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Softball Frequently

Asked Questions


Q:  Which teams require tryouts?

A:  Tryouts will be held to determine the rosters on the following teams:  Spring Junior High Teams(grades 6-8), Spring Middle School  Teams (grades 4 & 5),  Summer U10 gold & silver,(but not U10 House League) U12 gold & silver, U14  gold & silver, U16 gold & silver.

 Q:  What is the difference between a gold and silver level team? 

A:  Gold level teams are highly competitive teams that play against the best teams from other local   communities.  These teams are comprised of 11 or 12 of the top-rated players at tryouts.  AWABSA will only field a gold level team in a division if the talent exists and key positions are accounted for.  Silver is the next level down and is for girls who are serious about developing the skills necessary to move to the gold level.  AWABSA attempts to fill the following (based on player talent and coach availability):

 Q:  If I make a spring team, when can I expect practices and games to begin?

A:  Practices for spring teams will begin almost immediately after the draft.  The season begins around April 1st and ends in mid-May.  Players making a gold team are expected to make this team their  priority !!!!

 Q:  If I make a gold or silver summer team, which can I expect practices and games to begin?

A:  Individual coaches will decide the beginning or practice dates.  Games usually begin in mid-May and run through mid-July.