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Incorporated in 1978, the Anthony Wayne Area Baseball Softball Association (AWABSA) was created for the purpose of promoting, supervising, and financing baseball and softball leagues for the youth of the Anthony Wayne area desiring to play organized baseball and softball and to do such other things necessary and appropriate to complete this purpose.

In any given year, AWABSA consists of nearly 750 players, 100 coaches, a dozen commissioners, 12 board members, and countless volunteers. These are the groups and people that sustain the organization and make it the success that is.

AWABSA is made up of players, coaches, and volunteers from the Villages of Waterville and Whitehouse, Waterville Township, Monclova Township, Providence Township, as well as other neighboring outlying areas. 

AWABSA holds regularly scheduled meetings on a monthly basis to discuss current programs, policies, and procedures necessary to fulfill the purpose of the organization. After nominations in October, annual elections are held in November for Officer’s positions (President, Vice-President of Baseball, Vice-President of Softball, Secretary and Treasurer) for the Board. Nominations and elections to the Board of Directors occur each October.

AWABSA is currently a member of the Anthony Wayne Youth Foundation.

The fundamental premise of AWABSA is that of Volunteerism. All Board members, league commissioners, coaches, and equipment managers are unpaid volunteers. These leaders of your community donate their own time to help make your child’s playing experiences rewarding, meaningful, and memorable. Please consider volunteering your time for the following positions and functions:

• Board of Directors Member
• Baseball / Softball Commissioner
• Coach and/or Assistant Coach
• Umpire— Baseball or Softball
• Field Maintenance Crew
• Equipment Manager / Coordinator
• Special Events / Parade Coordinator

Contact any Board Member for details of open positions for further clarification of duties.