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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  I am having problems registering my child(ren) for baseball and/or softball.  Where can I get help?

Please contact Mandi Brannan at AWYF for more help. 

2.  I feel that my child is ready to advance to the next level beyond his/her age group.  Do I just sign them up at the next level or is there a process to go through?

We understand that some kids are developmentally ready to advance.  We would prefer that you first contact us so that we can get a better idea of why you feel that your child should move up.  If they just miss a cutoff date than we usually will grant the permission.  Beyond that, please contact the VP of either softball or baseball for further assistance.

3.  I cannot afford for my child to play due a job loss, illness, etc.  Do you have any kind of scholarship program to assist me? 

Please contact Mandi Brannan at AWYF for more information. 

4.  How do I know if payment was accepted?

You should receive an email verification of your completed registration and payment.  If you do not, please contact Mandi Brannan at AWYF to make sure that you are fully registered.

5.  We would like to keep last year's team together.  Is that possible?

Many factors go into forming teams.  Baseball and softball have slightly different ways of forming teams.  It also depends on the age group.  Teams will remain intact unless the players move up in age group

6.  The deadline has already passed to register.  How do I know if there is still spaces available?

Call the commissioner, VP or President to see if there is room available.

7.  My child decided that they no longer want to play.  Can I get a refund?

It depends on when they quit.  You will need to contact the VP of either softball or baseball to see if you qualify for that refund. 

8.  Why are the cutoff dates different for the boys compared to the girls?  What are those dates?

The boys cutoff is May 1st,  and the girls is Jan 1st.  They are different due to different sanctioned leagues at the older levels.  It is much easier to follow those same cutoffs all the way up from the younger levels. 

9.  I have not yet heard from a coach and I already see other teams practicing. 

Different ages start at different times so don't get too concerned about that.  Sometimes different coaches make their phone calls quicker than others also.  Please give it some time before contacting us.  If you still have some concerns, feel free to contact either the VP of softball or baseball for further information.